Round Robin Recordings joins Proton Distribution

Round Robin Recordings joins Proton Distribution

We are excited to announce Round Robin Recordings has partnered with Proton Distribution as our new distribution partner. 

Proton Soundsystem handles distribution for 2000+ A list electronic music labels across the world and offer some of the most advanced tools when it comes to putting our artists beautifully crafted art in front of music connoisseurs around the world. 

Proton sound system has allowed us to provide our artists with the below features and opportunities just to highlight a few. 

1.Smart Contracts - Proton helps the label completely automate contracts, statements & artist payments.

Artists also get acces to direct accounting, being able to log into their profiles and monitor their sales and royalties. Once an artist reaches the payment threshold Proton pays the artist directly simplifying the accounting process and providing full transparency between distribution, label and artist. 

2. DJ Mixes - Proton labels & artists can now release DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple. These mixes have powered over 30 million additional paid plays for our music labels since the beta launched. Some of our labels have seen an increase of over 1000% on their tracks by releasing just 1 mix. Proton's DJ mixes are distributed directly to Spotify & Apple Music: we don't go through a middleman.

3. Streaming Power tools

Streaming Singles - Spotify gives special treatment to singles (releases with just 1 track). But electronic music labels often have bigger releases w/multiple artists (compilations, remixes, etc). Setting up separate singles from bigger releases is a CHORE at other distributors. But at Proton, it's easy/automatic! Streaming Singles can be setup quickly. They're pitchable to Spotify's curators, considered for New Release Radar, and prominently featured atop artist profiles. They also get blocked automatically from DJ stores like Beatport and help recoup costs of the original release, without extra work.

Spotify Popularity Scores - Proton labels have free + easy access to official Spotify popularity scores for their entire artist roster and promo pool, unlocking key insights which help boost passive income streams and chances for features in official Spotify playlists. Access to these scores in the past were only available on 3rd party platforms, where they were expensive and/or time consuming to access. This is NOT a silver bullet for success, but it is FREE and EASY access to insights, which when practiced strategically, can help music labels reach their goals more effectively.

Short Versions for Spotify vs. Long Versions for Beatport - These days, music labels often prepare a "short" version of a track for streaming platforms like Spotify and an "extended" version for DJ shops like Beatport. At other distributors, this requires music labels creating two separate releases. But with Proton, we make it easy to do this all via the same release!



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