Unveiling the Artistry:  A Deep Dive Interview with MKJay SA

Unveiling the Artistry: A Deep Dive Interview with MKJay SA

MKJay SA has entrenched himself firmly within Round Robin Recordings and the vibrant South African Deep House scene. His initiation into the label came with the March 2022 release of his “Groove With Me EP,” swiftly garnering substantial acclaim. Just months later, in December 2022, he unveiled his inaugural artist album, "Dark Queen Medusa," further solidifying his presence. This album surged with momentum, drawing global admiration and finding its way onto the dance floor at some of South Africa's premier Deep House venues, including Deep Town Jozi, Upstairs at Truth, and The Livingroom, as well as receiving airplay on national radio stations.

MKJay SA's debut EP on Round Robin Recordings


Fast forward just over a year, and MKJay SA returns with his latest offering, a three-track EP titled “The Change.” With this release, he aims to propel his already formidable momentum into the new year while pushing the boundaries of the signature Deep House sound he's become known for.

 MKJay SA's latest EP "The Change" which has just released this past week. 

In an exclusive interview, we caught up with MKJay SA to delve deeper into his artistic journey thus far and explore the promising future that lies ahead.

Round Robin Recordings:  Could you introduce yourself for our audience? Where are you from, and what do friends & family call you?

MKJAY SA: My name is Nthabiseng Johannes Mkhonto. I go by my stage name, MKJay SA. I am from a small town in Mpumalanga known as Dullstroom. It is located between Belfast and Lydenburg. My friends and family call me Nthabiseng or Johannes, as they have known me since I was little.

Round Robin Recordings:  Is there a notable Deep House culture and scene in Dullstroom?

MKJAY SA:   As in every kasi and town, Dullstroom is dominated by Amapiano and dance music. However, we are striving to introduce the culture of Deep House to the people, and it is yielding positive results. 

Round Robin Recordings: Can you walk us through your production process? What techniques do you employ to create your music, What is your studio setup, and what serves as your primary inspiration?

MKJAY SA:   My inspirations are Krippsoulisc and Trevor G. I create music in my spare time due to my 9 to 5 job. All the work I have produced so far comes from my setup in my room, which consists of a PC, two monitors, and a sound card

Round Robin Recordings:  Let's discuss your latest release, the three-track EP titled "The Change." What motivated the sound and theme of this EP?

MKJAY SA:   My latest EP is titled "The Change" because I recently became a father, which has had a significant impact on my life.

Round Robin Recordings:  Are there any artists you aspire to collaborate with in the future?

MKJAY SA:   Krippsoulisc and Trevor G are my dream collaborators.

Round Robin Recordings:  Outside of Deep House, what other genres of music do you find yourself drawn to?

MKJAY SA:   I am a music lover. I don't have a problem with any other type of sound, but the only music I produce and make is Deep House. I am a fan of good music.

Round Robin Recordings:  What advice would you offer to fellow house producers who are inspired by your work?

MKJAY SA:   The advice I would love to give to my fellow producers is that they must focus and work hard. They must refrain from entertaining distractions that may cause them to lose focus. They must always be themselves and trust the process.

Round Robin Recordings: Lastly, what exciting projects or developments can we anticipate from you throughout the remainder of 2024?

MKJAY SA:   I am currently in the studio working on more music. I will release more music before this year ends, including three or more EPs. After that, I will be working on a project consisting of six tracks or more.

Round Robin Recordings:  Thank you sincerely for your time and insights. Your presence is truly valued within the Round Robin Recordings family, and we extend our gratitude for the music and meaningful contributions you consistently make to the House Music culture.


MKJay SA's debut artist album "Dark Queen Medusa" 


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