Malik Faquir Joins the DJ And Music Production Institute: A New Chapter as Music Production Lecturer

Malik Faquir Joins the DJ And Music Production Institute: A New Chapter as Music Production Lecturer

The DJ and Music Production Institute has recently made waves in the electronic music scene with their latest announcement. Speculation was rife as they teased fans with a cryptic social media post featuring a rear picture of their newest Music Production Lecturer. However, eagle-eyed followers wasted no time in identifying the enigmatic figure as none other than the revered deep dub maestro, Malik Faquir.

For aficionados of electronic music, Malik Faquir needs no introduction. With a career steeped in innovation and sonic exploration, Malik has long been celebrated for his distinctive sound and dynamic performances. From gracing the stages of South Africa's premier electronic festivals to capturing the attention of international audiences, Malik's journey as an artist has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, as he embarks on this new chapter as a music production lecturer at the DJ and Music Production Institute, Malik brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Students enrolled in the institute's renowned courses can anticipate a unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry's most accomplished figures. With Malik at the helm of their studios, aspiring producers are poised to receive invaluable insights and guidance from a true pioneer of the genre.

Malik Faquir's Dub Tech rework of KXL ft. Mac Rendal - The Garden

The timing couldn't be more perfect for Malik, who has recently seen a surge in career milestones. From securing representation with the esteemed Off Centre artist agency to dropping his latest EP on the prestigious Soul Candi Records, Malik's star continues to ascend. Not to mention his collaborations with an array of international heavyweights, exemplified by his recent "Illuminos EP" on Round Robin Recordings.

Malik Faquir's collaboration with Sebee & Navaa - Illuminos


As Malik steps into his role as a music production lecturer, the electronic music community eagerly awaits the impact he will undoubtedly make on the next generation of producers. It's a testament to his versatility and passion for the craft that he seamlessly transitions from the stage to the classroom, embodying the ethos of lifelong learning and artistic evolution.

Here at Round Robin Radio, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Malik Faquir on this exciting new chapter. We have no doubt that his boundless creativity and dedication will inspire and empower countless aspiring musicians on their own paths to success. As Malik forges ahead on his journey, we eagerly anticipate the waves of innovation and inspiration he will continue to bring to the world of electronic music.

Malik Faquir's latest Soul Candi release. 


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