Brickwall Ltd. Mastering studios undergo massive upgrade project

Brickwall Ltd. Mastering studios undergo massive upgrade project

Since Round Robin Recording opened its doors in 2017 we have always trusted and relied on Brickwall Ltd. Mixing & Mastering studios as our trusted partner to make sure our artists music sounds Amazing!

Brickwall ltd. a renowned analog mixing and mastering studio rooted in Johannesburg, South Africa, has recently undergone significant upgrades to further enhance its capabilities. With over a decade of industry experience, Brickwall Ltd. has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for artists seeking exceptional audio production services.

Gainlab Dictator

In December, Brickwall Ltd. initiated a comprehensive upgrade project aimed at elevating every aspect of its studio environment. Phase one of the upgrades focused on enhancing the studio's analog processing power. This involved the installation of the latest Gainlab Dictator dual mono Vari-mu tube mastering compressor, which was seamlessly paired with the Gainlab Empress tube mastering equalizer. 

Configured in Mid/Side mode using the Solid State Logic Fusion as the mid/side processor, this setup offers unparalleled flexibility and precision in shaping sound. The combination of the Empress and Dictator provides a rich, warm tube processing experience, allowing Brickwall Ltd. to deliver mixes and masters of exceptional quality.


Phase two of the upgrades centered on revolutionising the studio's monitoring environment. Brickwall Ltd. introduced the latest Adam Audio A77h dual sub 3-way mid/nearfield monitors and meticulously recalibrated the room for optimal acoustics. The introduction of these state-of-the-art monitors has resulted in a remarkable improvement in clarity and accuracy, revealing nuances in audio previously unnoticed. The transition from classic Yamaha HS80m monitors to the Adam Audio A77h monitors has been transformative, offering enhanced stereo imaging and unmatched clarity in the mids and highs. Additionally, the inclusion of the Yamaha monitors as alternative B sets ensures consistent monitoring across different playback environments.

As Brickwall Ltd. reflects on these upgrades, excitement abounds for the possibilities they unlock for both the studio and its clients. With enhanced analog processing capabilities and a cutting-edge monitoring environment, Brickwall Ltd. is poised to continue delivering world-class mixing and mastering services. These upgrades signify just the beginning of Brickwall Ltd.'s journey towards pushing the boundaries of audio production.


Brickwall Ltd. invites artists and producers to experience the difference that its upgraded studio can make in bringing their musical visions to life with unparalleled clarity, depth, and emotion. The studio remains committed to its pursuit of sonic excellence, offering a space where creativity flourishes and sound is perfected to its fullest potential.

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